There are many reasons why people put market in their home. On cold places, they put carpet in their home to help keep the house warm on winter months. Some put carpet to lower the noise of footstep when walking on the floor. There are many pros when it comes to installing carpet in your home but there are also drawbacks.  

One drawback is that it can be a home to bacteria and allergens. The dust and dirt found in carpet can cause health issues on people living inside, most especially respiratory problems. To avoid this thing, you should do regular cleaning of your carpet. Below are tips to help you clean your carpet and avoid the drawback. 

Tip 1: Do a Vacuum Cleaning Once a Week 

It is the most important cleaning tip to vacuum your carpet once a week. If you don’t have time to do it, you can hire rug cleaning Ofallon to do it for you. Just make sure your carpet is vacuum once a week and more if it’s the plush type. By vacuuming, you are not just cleaning it but as well as extending its life. The dirt that breaks inside the base can be a source of molds or bacteria. If this happen, you may end up replacing your carpet. Do not just vacuum your carpet but also the places surrounding it such as the furniture and the corner areas.  

Tip 2: Remove Stains Immediately  

Do not wait for the stain to be absorbed by the carpet. It will be harder to remove. You also have the tools in cleaning it just within your reach. So, whatever happens you will not be frantic looking for a cleaning material. Put it in a safe place away from children but you can easily reach. Just get ready materials such as gloves, spatula, dishwashing liquids, towel, cotton, white vinegar, borax and many more.  

Tip 3: Implement No Shoes Policy Inside 

You have to put rules that shoes outside should not enter inside. Just prepare an indoor footwear in your door and a shoe rack outside the door to place the outdoor shoes.  This can help keep soil and earth from outside going into the indoor rooms. You can put a footwear stool to store the shoes in. It may likewise be a smart thought to put carpets on entryways where a great many people enter, it can likewise a be a decent method to keep earth and soil from entering inside.  

Tip 4: Do a Once a Year Overall Carpet Cleaning  

You can do it or you can contact an expert to do the job. If you are going to do it by yourself, be prepared to buy a steam machine or rent it. It can be expensive if you are opting to buy one. There is an alternative that you can lease steam cleaning machine. However, before utilizing the machine, ensure you have cleaned the surrounding of your house. You can blend a cleaning mixture as a cleaning tool. There are numerous simple homemade remedies and the most widely recognized is white vinegar or dishwashing liquid mix with warm water and put inside the steam press.