If you don’t have the whole day to clean your house and some of your friends have just called in to say that they’re dropping by, what would you do? Don’t sweat yourself worrying because there’s a lot of cleaning that you can do in 15 minutes.  

However, problems like these are only suffered by people who don’t hire home cleaners Santa Rosa. If you simply invest in the services of these professionals, then you won’t have to worry about it at all. You can always rely on them to make your house guest-ready. Even so, here are some 15-minute cleaning hacks that you can follow: 

  1. Sweep and swipe.

Multi-tasking is the thing of the decade. So, you must apply it to housecleaning as well. Use disposable wipes to disinfect your kitchen starting with the countertops than to the appliances and all the way to the sink, cabinets, switch plates, and exteriors. Once you’re done with that, sweep the floor swiftly.  

  1. Straighten up the living room. 

Your guests will most likely see your living room first, so be sure that you clean that area first. Plug the brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner go over every nook, corner, and surface. Don’t forget the sides of the sofa. Use it beneath the cushions as well.  

  1. Vacuum the floor 

Since you have the vacuum cleaner out, work on the floor next. Pay special attention to the front door, around the sofas, and all other high-traffic areas. Pick up things on the floor while you’re at it and put them in their proper places.  

  1. Make the bed. 

Some guests feel very well at home that they’ll go straight to your bedroom. If those are the types of guests that are coming to your home, then you must remove all the linens and toss them out. Put a new sheet in their place. Don’t forget to fluff the pillows, too.  

  1. Mind the windows 

If you still have time, then try to clean the windows. Simply wipe the glass with a damp microfiber cloth. If you have venetian blinds installed, then you can simply speed clean them by using an old but clean pair of socks slightly dampened with water. Cover your hand with the socks and run your fingers between each slat.  

  1. Sanitize. 

It is rather easy to sanitize homes these days, thanks to spray cleaners. Spray it to all doorknobs, drawer handles, and cabinets. You should also wipe clean and sanitize all other stuff like remote controls and telephones. Sanitize everything that you feel is too dirty to touch.  

  1. Take out the trash. 

Taking out the trash shouldn’t take more than a few minutes so do this step of last. While you’re at it, give your garbage disposal a fresh scent by putting some lemon rinds into it. If you don’t have lemon rinds, an all-purpose cleaner will do. Pour a little bit of that plus two cups of ice and just let it grind away. That should remove all the doors from the food that is left in the blades.